Friday, April 15, 2011

FamilySearch FORUMS..... have you used this resource??

I've spent this week in the Family History Library and share with you some wonderful new thing I learned about:

You've likely used GenForum or RootsWeb so you know about posting queries (asking questions online) and checking back for answers. The FS Forum (now in Beta stage) will be just that but bigger and better.

First you will have to have a Family Search account (both LDS and non-LDS folks). This is free and will not obligate you or infringe upon your privacy. How can folks reply to your query/posting if your email is not in the system??

Click to the above address and WAY UP IN THE RIGHT CORNER is sign in. Sign in with your FamilySearch account and scroll down to see the many forums currently availble.

Right near the top of the list was the Locality forum. I clicked on that, then selected Washington, and read about a dozen posted queries/questions about research and/or records in Washington. I even answered one!

THAT is the beauty of the FamilySearch Forums.....anybody with any amount of knowledge can post answers and don't we know that every little bit helps?

Take 30 minutes soon and click around on and see if you don't agree that this might just could become a wonderful new research tool in your genealogy toolbox.

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