Friday, March 25, 2011

Schrag, Washington......... did you know?

If we were asked to identify Schrag, Washington, we would think of it as a rest stop on I-90. But did you know that in 1911 Schrag had a post office and a general store stocked with merchandise for surrounding farms. The Northern Pacific Railroad line built a spur to connect with the huge Schrag grain elevators. The little town finally passed into dust in 1934. But as you zoom through the middle of Washington on I-90 and see the Schrag sign, pause to remember that there once was a town and no doubt a family named Schrag.

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Linda said...

My Grandmother Scott taught the first class at Schrag around 1915, after she graduated from Cheney Normal in 1914. Her only students were two Russian immigrant girls.
I have two photos, but don't know how to post. Her name was May PITTMAN.