Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Resources I am Thankful for

I am very thankful for the Washington State Digital Archives, When I started doing research for EWGS Ray Fisher gave me some databases done by EWGS, all were old DOS databases, and I was worried they would fade away if not put into a newer format, the Digital Archives was happy to get the databases and today they not only have the indexes EWGS did, but actual images of the records.
The other place I am thankful for is the Spokane County Auditors Office and staff, they are always very cheery and very helpful to me and other genealogists, Thanks Vicki Dalton and staff.


Miriam said...

You can see what genealogy resources I'm thankful for at my blog, AnceStories.

C'mon EWGS members, list the genealogy resources you're thankful for in the comments section of this blog!

Donna said...

I am thankful for our EWGS "library staff," Juanita, Dolly, Barbara, and about a dozen others who work so diligently to keep our wonderful genealogy section of the SPL on an even keel......... when I think of the travel miles they drive and the hours they put in.........well, I'm just thankful beyond mere words. I'm thankful, too, for Bill, our president, who makes the meetings fun as well as informative, and for Pat BJ who plans such fun and informative meetings! I'm happy and proud to be a member of EWGS. Donna