Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spokane area earthquakes??

Today's Spokesman-Review (Thursday, 25 Oct 2007) carried this article: "Tiny quakes shaking Wandermere area." Apparently, Spokane and northeast Washington have undergone a series of minor earthquakes in the past two months....but most, if not all, were too small to be felt. Such was not the case back in June 2001 when a rattler of 3.7 size woke up Spokane residents at 7:15am. If you'd like to know more about earthquakes in the Spokane area, watch for our Eastern Washington Genealogical Society's Bulletin, next issue. Made me earthquakes happen pretty much everywhere? How did earthquakes affect our ancestors' lives?? Have they affected yours??

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Charles said...

I woke up to the 3.7 earthquake sounded like someone had run into my house, but of course no one had. We also had aftershocks for days, and I remember being at the library looking at a microfilm and one hit, the library swings pretty good when the earth shakes.