Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NARA Sets New Charges for Records

According to what I read on the New England Historical Society, NARA--or the National Archives--has raised the fees for obtaining copies of records. Plus you have to use a new form - the old NATF-80 form has been discontinued. Here is a list of what I read about:
  • Passenger Arrival Lists (NATF 81), $25
  • Federal Census requests (NATF 82), $25
  • Eastern Cherokee applications to the Court of Claims (NATF 83), $25
  • Land entry records (NATF 84), $40
  • Full Pension File (Civil War and after, more than 75 years old), up to 100 pages (NATF 85), $75
  • Full Pension File (pre-Civil War) (NATF 85), $25
  • Pension Documents Packet containing only selected records (NATF 85), $25
  • Bounty land warrant application files (NATF 85), $25
  • Military service files more than 75 years old (NATF 86), $25.

Go here to get the new form. Seems like the prices have gone up significantly.

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