Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Harold Hinds

Miriam reminded me that I'd not shared my story about how I met Prof. Harold Hinds (who gave a great presentation to EWGS in August). Well, there are three seats across on an airplane, right? My good friend, Lethene Parks, and I were on our way from Salt Lake City to Cincinnati to the FGS conference about seven years ago when this big tall smiling guy comes to take the seat between us. "Oh darn," was our first thought. But Harold proved to be a wonderful seat mate and by journey's end we had become friends. I have since run into him every now and then at national genealogical functions. (He teaches at the University of Minnesota.) Moral of the story? Welcome the challenge of a big smiling seat mate!

Postscript to the story. When Harold gave his presentation to EWGS, I could not help but smile at some of the unusual names in his family tree (and these are first names): Bion, Herma, Avis, and Climena. And some of them were from Buffalo Hump, Idaho.

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