Monday, September 7, 2015

September 12th..... Come & Learn Fascinating Stuff with EWGS

EWGS Program, Saturday, September 12th
Downtown Spokane Public Library
Coffee, Cookies & Conversation at 12:30; meeting begins at 1:00

Program will be given by Colin Harris
He has worked in the funeral industry since 1999
His program will cover these topics: 
A.    The funeralization process--- three issues that must be satisfied.
·        Final disposition of the body
·        Legal and/or financial matters
·        Cultural and/or faith issues/requirements
B.    Timeline of what must happen after a death
C.    Cremation Questions---what to do with the cremains?
D.   Funeral Service Law---State and Federal
E.    Patterns in funeral service---- ie, cremation rates
F.    Q & A
This topic pertains to us and to our ancestors—how did they do things?

Bring your questions;  do hope to see you there!

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