Monday, March 24, 2014

Ghost Towns In Eastern Washington?

Doing some researching work lately I've come upon some towns that aren't "alive" any longer. Methinks they've turned into Ghost Towns??

I'm talking about Beverly and Bong and Fletcher and Brents, all in eastern Washington. Beverly must be a real place because I did find this:

Further looking and I found that Beverly was named about 1905 by H. R. Williams after Beverly, Massachusetts, and in its day (1905-1920s) our Beverly was home to hundreds of railroad workers.

But of Brents (Lincoln Co), Fletcher (Adams Co) and Bong, I found nothing. And believe me you get many interesting results when you search for "Bong Washington."

Did find two most interesting websites regarding ghost towns in Washington:   and

Maybe you will come up with some information on these towns or other long-lost towns of Washington?


John said...

Very interesting stuff! You may have already seen the information I have found. It is not of the town of Brents but a cemetery 3 1/2 miles north of Creston, Lincoln County, WA. There is information about it here:

There is some further info at Find a Grave:

Duane said...

Slow day at the Library so I thought I'd check on Brents, Fletcher and Bong.
Brents: To echo John's comments, the booklet of Tombstone Inscriptions-Lincoln County, lists a Brents Cemetery abt 3 1/2 mi due North of Creston. The Postal Service Office Register also lists a Brents P.O. from about 1889 to 1890. Post Master was D.M. Setphens and he was paid $86.41 for a year.

Fletcher: Postal Office Service Office Register lists a P.O. at Fletcher from around 1890 to about 1907. First Postmaster was a Ellen Fletcher who earned a whopping $31.47!

History of Big Bend Country also has information on Brents and Fletcher under their respective Counties under "Other Towns".

Couldn't find anything on Bong other than there is/was a Bonge State Park over on the coast.