Monday, March 3, 2014

EWGS Visits the Digital & "Paper" Archives In Cheney

 Nearly 70 EWGS members (including guests and one new member...Margaret Ruby) car-pooled to the Eastern Washington Branch of the Washington State Archives for some instruction and a tour of the "paper" archives and the upstairs Washington State Digital Archives. (Thank you, Kathy Bowen, for arranging the car-pooling.) From the comments I heard, it was a great day....... despite the cold and spitting snow.

Lee Pierce (red shirt) gave the first talk about what is held in the "paper" archives and how to access that information. Then his two student-interns, Anna and Frank, told us about the digital archives. Frank used the phrase, "The digital archives are the tool to access what's in the paper archives." I never thought of it quite that way.

Members Jeanne Coe and Dianne Bongarts (and others) did some researching in the "paper" archives; Mary Holcomb, ever the helper, helps Dianne. Melody Hall is chatting with Debbie Bahn, the archives director.

Do-You-Care-Tidbit:  Would you have guessed that gray-ponytailed Lee Pierce has written a book about vampires and werewolves in Spokane? It's titled The Vampire Congress and is a Kindle book. Good read too.

Our next meeting, April 5th, is our Spring Seminar with Leslie Lawson...... EWGS just keeps getting better and better!!

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