Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013 What You Missed Bible Records

Got to the library a little early so I wandered across the Monroe Street Bridge and took this picture of the Spokane Falls and the Spokane Public Library  (the glass windows near center) across the river from where I was standing.

The program was on Bible Records and Susan Falkner from the Tri-Cities Genealogical Society presented the program. She had several examples of the the importance of looking for the family bible. Also check for the date of publication of the bible as information entered before the publication date may be suspect.

I know my family bible has some information not available anywhere else. When the Civil War started Thomas Kelly and his family got on a wagon train to California from Illinois. and in 1865 they got on a ship to Panama, crossed the isthmus, caught a ship to New York and back to Illinois. Without this story written in the bible, no one would have ever known that the family had moved to California, and why Thomas never served in the Civil War.

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