Monday, January 21, 2013

Vote YES for Libraries on Feb 12th

Haven't you always enjoyed books? Haven't most of you been avid fans of your public library? Most likely it was the first place your parents let you go to alone? I went to 1st through 4th grade in Fairfield, California, and I well remember the statue of Chief Solano standing tall by the main entrance. I think it was that statue that helped foster my interest in history.... and thence to books to learn that history.
But how many of our ancestors had access to books via the once-a-month Bookmobile visit? And did you realize that our Spokane Public Libraries still has a boookmobile going to selected spots?

If you value libraries, please vote YES for the library levy on Feb 12th. An informed citizenry needs libraries; we genealogists need libraries. Vote YES. Get your friends and neighbors to vote YES too.

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