Monday, October 15, 2012

Names, Names.... Everywhere A Name

Names have always fascinated me....... and really unusual names always catch my eye.

Like Zackquill Morgan............ Capt. Zackquill Morgan, Jr., was born 1 Aug 1782, the son of Col. Zachquill Morgan, Sr.,  near Bladenburg, Monongahela, Virginia and died in the War of 1812, 24 Aug 1814, during the retreat from Washington, DC. He was a drummaster. On 28 Apr 1805 he had married Elizabeth Madera. I Googled his name to find this information.

Like Ambazilla...... ages ago I was looking at the Coroners' Records in our Spokane County Courthouse and caught this lady's name. Doing a search of the Washington death records (on ) the only Ambazilla I found was Mrs. Spencer Owen, a real estate agent here in Spokane in the 1900 census. Doing the math, she was born in 1861 in Iowa and married in 1880. They had five children, all born in Nebraska;  such an interesting start to a family history.

Bet you're like me and unusual names catch your attention too. Care to share any of your special ones with us??


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