Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fixed Broken Link

If you read my post about Bette's class and tried to click on the link to her online syllabus, you may have noticed that it was broken. There is a "~" symbol in her URL (web address) and when a link is created on a blog or website, that "~" symbol usually gets converted to the following characters: "%20". Don't ask me why! Anyway, for some weird reason, it got misconverted to "%7E" instead. It was neither my nor Bette's fault; just some quirky HTML thing.

Anyway, the link is fixed. You can access her online website by clicking here or by entering the following into your web browser: http://home.comcast.net/~toppline/euroclas.htm The funny little "~" symbol (called a tilde; it's used over the n in Spanish to make the "ny" sound) is found to the left of your 1/! key. You must hold down your shift key to create it.

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