Sunday, January 31, 2016

Windstorm Damage at Fairmount Memorial Park

November 17, 2015 Spokane had a bad windstorm gusts to 70+ miles an hour and a lot of trees in our area were blown down taking power lines with them and so about 250,000+ people out of power for up to 8 days in cold November. I was lucky as I lost one tree and all it did was bend a part of my fence, but our cemeteries did not do well either. Fairmount Memorial Park where my parents, grandparents and a few other family friends are buried had a lot of trees down, and closed due to the dangerous trees that had broken off or just uprooted some hitting gravestones and leaving a horrible mess to clean up. A couple of weeks ago the loggers had removed all the salvageable timber they opened for the public again.
Piles of brush left from the downed trees  

Piles of brush left from the downed trees 

Piles of brush left from the downed trees  Between the front 
two tombstones and back a way slightly to the right is a large 
pine tree stump.

Just to the right out of the photo is my grandparents grave and 
it was not damaged, but it used to be between two large pine
 trees which we always used to find our grandparents grave, 
both are gone.

This is the dirt filling the hole the stump left when one of those
 big pine trees fell over.

There were two gravestones that had been lifted by the falling
pine trees, and Fairmount had promised they will reset them 
when the weather warms up.

Brush pile on road close to my grandparents grave.

The GAR section of the cemetery lost several trees and a few
 of tombstones were damaged. They are supposed to be fixed 
when it warms up.

Looking the other way from the GAR section.

Tree stump in front of the Sunset Mausoleum.

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