Thursday, September 3, 2015

Patron "Jon" & the Domesday Books

Spokane Public Library patron, "Jon," usually smiles when he's working in the Genealogy Section. He comes downtown to the library regularly and dives deep into his special interests:  Old English history and genealogy.

I surprised him at work last week. He was using The Domesday Books, a set of very esoteric books sitting on the shelves in the Genealogy Collection.

These books were the result of William the Conqueror (or King William I) wanting to know just how much land, people and resources he had come to rule. In a loose sense of the word, Domesday was the first census in England in 1086.

EWGS has had these books for years but how many members (or the public) know they are there? Know what they are? Know how to use them?

Fast forward to this next question:  How many EWGS members fail to make the effort to visit our downtown library's Genealogy Collection?  Yes, it is a bit of an effort to get there, but once there you are in for a great day or afternoon of researching. Come on a Tuesday when EWGS volunteer helpers are there waiting for you.

If you have really ancient English history, The Domesday Books might be something for you.

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