Monday, August 10, 2015

September Meeting, Scholarship & Peaches

Hello again. The next EWGS meeting will be on Saturday, September 12th (yes, a bit late due to Labor Day), 12:30 at the downtown Spokane Public Library.

Our program begins at 1:00. Collin Harris, a licensed funeral director, is coming to conduct a Q&A session and tell us more about how this work (all areas) is done. Will be most interesting for most all of our ancestors are dead, right?

Did you know EWGS offers a scholarship to EWGS members who might cannot afford the price of a seminar? Case in point, our October 3rd Fall Workshop with Cyndi Ingle. The cost to members is $25; if this is a hardship for you, please compose your scholarship request and send it to (This scholarship fund was provided anonymously by a member.)

How much history do you know about peaches? This luscious fruit originated in China some 3000 years ago so say the experts. The Spanish missionaries brought peaches to the New World in 1571, first to St. Simon's Island in Georgia. 

A peach is a type of fruit known as a drupe. Other similar fruits are nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries. And no, a nectarine is not a cross between a peach and a plum but is a genetic mutation all on its own. 

If you really have an empty spot of time, click to and do a search for "carving peach pits."

Enjoy the rest of summer but know that EWGS is coming!

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