Friday, February 13, 2015

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

February 14, 1935
Snow depth at Lookout summit is greater than anytime in the last ten years. Snow measured 139 inches, previous maximum was 120 inches March 1, 1927. Last year 42 inches, while 1933 99 inches, 80 inches in 1932, 33 inches in 1931 and 35 inches in 1930.

Spokane business and Professional Women are opposed to HB 23 which would provide a 6 hour day for women. The bill is discriminatory. Why legislate for women only.
Sect 1 All women will be paid a minimum of 50 cents an hour.
Sect 2 No woman shall work for more tha 6 hours an any 24 hours or 30 hours a week.
If they want a 30 hour week don't limit it to women only.

 Did industry make a profit in WWII??

Aerial Program Set for Sunday. Aerial demonstration and Open House at Felts Field with the National Guard flyers of the 116th Observation Squadron as hosts. This is part of the National Defense week program. A detail from the 161st National Guard infantry will cooperate with the air corps in staging ground demonstrations.


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