Wednesday, December 31, 2014

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

January 8, 1935  Work continues on Grand Coulee Dam.

Local committee to study unemployment insurance legislation. Committee is composed of several local businessmen: Jesse W. Burgan, Charles Hebbard, William H. Cowles, Jr., William Triplett, and Walter Norton. The group thinks the theory of job insurance is correct but feasibility is questioned
Radio programs listed and a couple I recognize from much later than 1935. KHQ had Amos and Andy. KFPY had the Adventures of Gracie  (Gracie Allen and George Burns)

January 9, 1935  They forecast rivers to heat Spokane Homes. Roy Ward was building an all electric house at W. 24 Glass  so as to be ready for the power generated by Grand Coulee Dam.

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