Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Spokane

Last May, I found this postcard way back in an antique mall in Verona, Virginia. Of course I had to have it! There is nothing to date it (was no message on the back), so I went to our Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral website, and to the "History" tab, and found this:

"In August of 1881, Jesuit Father Joseph Cataldo converted a carpenter's shop into the Church of St. Joseph, the first Catholic church in the Spokane Township. Like the smallest of seeds, the mustard seed, the Catholic faith here had humble beginnings. Only five people attended the first Mass in that wooden shed which measured just fifteen by twenty-two feet.
Soon the seed sprouted and found sustenance in this soil. Five years later, a large brick church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes replaced the original structure, and a school opened under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names. The seedling's continued growth required an even more significant move. The cornerstone for the present church was laid in 1903. In 1906, the new school was completed. In 1913, this mustard seed became what the Gospels celebrate as the "largest of plants," when Our Lady of Lourdes became the Cathedral for the newly created Diocese of Spokane."
I would guess that this postcard image dates back to about 1906? Do any of our EWGS members have stories about their ancestors attending this church?? I'll bet many of them did and over many years. 

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