Monday, August 11, 2014

Spokesman Review Has Great Spokane History Articles

Our very own newspaper, The Spokesman Review, carries weekly articles (complete with new-and-old photos) about the history of Spokane and the area. Stefanie Pettit compiles the Landmarks columns, and Margaret Cowles and Jesse Tinsley offer the Then And Now stories. Both are wonderful!

To me, these columns are a major reason to take the daily paper. I've clipped out the articles and have a nice folder of Spokane history............. after all, it was not other people's ancestors who made this history but was mine and hubby's and probably yours too.

While I cannot copy/paste the photos here for you, I can give you the link........... this one was especially interesting for it was the before-and-after pictures of our new Huntington Park, right alongside the river "under" the Monroe Street bridge:

Here are the links to the other historical offerings of The Spokesman Review:

Give these sites a looksee....... and consider subscribing to the paper so you can enjoy them weekly in the paper with your morning "cuppa."

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