Tuesday, August 12, 2014

EWGS Program Chair, Barbara Jolly, Promotes Networking

Follow the Trail of Networking at EWGS

Barb Jolly became aware of the importance of networking during EWGS social time when Jennifer Saunders, her neighbor in Ritzville and new EWGS member, asked if anyone else was having challenges with the MAC doing family history.  Barb asked Donna Phillips to help.  Donna introduced Jennifer to Bill Hire who was an expert on the MAC.  Jennifer found answers.

The following skit is a true story of what can happen if you network during EWGS social  time.  Statistically what happened is about a zillion to one---but it did!

Scene 1: Barb Jolly visits friend John Timm whose cancer has put him in Hospice.  She asks John what he knows of his family history.  Answer-"My best friend Barney Streeter & I have always called each other "Cousin"--Are we?"  Barb goes to work on John's family history.

Scene 2: Evelyn Wilhelmson, EWGS member, is asked by Jan Parr to research her family history.  While researching, they find they are related on the Herrick line.  Jan is also the daughter of Jackie Streeter from Ritzville.

Scene 3: Evelyn & Jan visit Ritzville Chamber of Commerce in search of the Streeter line.  Jennifer Saunders, EWGS member, is in charge of that office & sets in motion their search which results in Jan's attending Barney Streeter's funeral and the chance to meet her relatives on the Streeter side.

Scene 4: EWGS social time.  Jennifer Saunders meets up with Evelyn.  Jennifer remembers that Barb is researching the Timm/Streeter line & introduces Evelyn to Barb.

Scene 5: Barb arranges for John, Evelyn & Jan to meet on John's front porch in Paha, WA, where they discover that all 3 of them are related on the Herrick line.  They spend an enjoyable afternoon sharing stories of their family history. 

What are the odds of these 3 meeting and finding out they are related?  How are you spending your time at EWGS?  Do you have questions that might be answered by someone in the room?  Networking works!

Barb Jolly


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