Monday, March 10, 2014

EWGS & Vests & Stuff

These are not our EWGS vests,
but are a sample of what ours
will be...... ours will be dark purple
in color and have our EWGS
logo printed small on front and
larger on back. They have two
front pockets and are quite sturdy.

I think having identifying vests for EWGS will be a dandy-fine-good thing for our group. And some 70 of you have agreed and have ordered one. They will be printed by "Grandma Deanie" up in her shop in Colville, so we're supporting a local business. The first order has gone in; if you want now to order one, please send your check made out to Deanie Franz and sent to me, Donna, at 8002 W. Mission Rd., Spokane, 99224-9572.  And I will get yours ordered asap.

I plan to wear mine to our EWGS meetings, to special meetings (like we just had out at the Cheney Archives), to our state meetings and when I attend meetings of other genealogical societies...... like up in Colville or Hayden or to the FamilySearch Symposium coming up on April 26th.  (I hope to have the initial order ready to hand out at the April meeting.)

EWGS received a postcard from Lisa Hamilton who has "a genealogy business called Personal Pedigree. I provide inexpensive and tailored research services to people who want to discover who their ancestors are, find answers to old family stories, or for those who would like a family history documented."  Her email is and her website is  I am not recommending nor endorsing this lady, nor her services, but had to share with you her website and the doggy photo on that website. That little cocker is digging up something for sure.  

What would you say to a special interest group devoted to understanding and using Especially now that the full-meal-deal of it will be free to everybody sometime later in 2014.  (Free to LDS folks in their homes; free to all others at the Family Search Centers.) This idea was proposed at the last meeting and I think it's a good one. I'll have a clipboard for sign-ups at the April meeting.

Thought Maxine and I would share a warm-fuzzy-funny with you:

Doggonit, I did use/post a Maxine cartoon without first asking Hallmark for permission....which was a real DUH on me so I removed the image. Go Google Maxine cartoons to find some for yourself!
What things are on your "Things I'll Never Do" list???

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