Monday, February 10, 2014

EWGS Writing Contest............... More Stories

One last story intended to create in you a feeling of "well, I should tell MY story too." And yes, you should. Submit your story to EWGS following the guidelines posted on our website Remember that the theme for this year is How My Family Came To the Pacific Northwest.

Donna came to the Spokane are in 1954 with her family. Her father was a B-52 commander in the Air Force. (The airplane on display out on Fairchild Air Force base is one her father flew.) They first lived in Airway Heights and then had the good fortune to draw, as Air Force housing, this house on old Fort George Wright:

Donna's hubby's family came in 1911 and lived for a time in the Hillyard area where his grandfather worked for the Great Northern Railroad. They relocated to a section of land west of Spokane in 1912 and that family farm is still owned by a descendant.  (Did you know that Hillyard was named as Hill's Yard for railroad baron James J. Hill?)

Please write up and submit YOUR story........... your story is just as interesting as these sketches have been.

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