Saturday, December 7, 2013

What you Missed December 7, 2013 EWGS Meeting

This months program was a celebration of families, vice president Mary Holcomb asked some of us to bring something from our families, and so looking at what others brought was a lot of fun. We had probably the longest gab session during the break. Also many of the people brought cookies, and so we got to sample great cookies. There were also some family stories..
Mary Holcolmb's Quilt

Pat Bayonne Johnson's Scrapbooks

Shirley Penna-Oakes cookbook and jello molds and cookie cutters

Jeanne Coe's family photos, and Dolly Webb's books

The father of Charles Hansen postcard collection and 
Marge Mero's fathers whittling and her mothers first

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Unknown said...

This was a great day of sharing in many ways. Congratuations, Mary on putting together a memorable day.

Dani Lee