Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Genealogy Roadshow Survey

I was lucky as I got to see the Genealogy Roadshow twice last night, our cable company has 3 PBS stations and one station had the Genealogy Roadshow at 8 and one at 9. Several months ago I signed up with PBS to do some surveys on shows they air, and they had a first survey that asked what types of shows I liked and watched, so about a week or so ago PBS sent a short survey asking if I would be interested in a survey after the first Genealogy Roadshow, I said yes, then they asked if I was interested in a survey after each of the four shows, and again I said yes, so last night after the show I went to the URL PBS sent me and took that survey.

The survey had 33 questions , some with multiple questions, so I will just do a few here.

  1. Which city was this episode based? Memphis, Nashville, Boston, Detroit, Austin or San Francisco
  2. How did you rate this episode?
  3. What did you like about Genealogy Roadshow?
  4. What did you dislike about Genealogy Roadshow?
  5. Pace of show? too fast, too slow, just right
  6. Main Stories? too long, too short, just right
  7. Number of stories  just enough, too many, too few
  8. Did you like historical segments focused on cities where episode filmed?
  9. Did you like that the stories were focused on everyday people?
  10. Did the show inspire you to do genealogical research?
  11. Were the family tree graphics easy to read?
  12. Have you done genealogical research on your own?
  13. Did you learn something new about history while watching?
  14. Would you apply to have your family history researched by this show?
  15. How frequently have you watched History Detectives, Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers, Finding Your Roots, Who Do You Think You Are?
  16. Rate Kenyetta Berry, Josh Taylor and Emmett Miller
  17. The next one was to rate each segment which I will skip here.
  18. Three Best Segments
  19. Three Worst Segements
  20. How important was the audience?
  21. How important was DNA testing?
  22. How important was technological devices used in the show to show pictures, documents and family trees?
I did skip a few that were mainly repeats of other questions, just worded differently 

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