Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 WSGS Conference Armchair Genealogy Day 3

Well now you are going to say the conference was only two days long so how did you get three days? Well we stayed Saturday night at Port Angeles, and the next morning went up to Hurricane Ridge and these are some pictures I took as we were there.

This was the visitor center near the end of the road, there was some hiking trails past the visitor center and the road went about a mile past the visitor center to a loop turn around. Just before the turn around it looked like huckleberries along the road so we stopped by the loop and picked some huckleberries, put them into the ice box in the back of Jacque's van, and Monday morning had huckleberry pancakes.

The road to the visitor center has three tunnels and this is one of them.

This really does not show as good as I hoped, there was a ship in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it does not show here at all.

We then visited the Olympic Game Farm at Sequim. You stay in your car and drive through the farm around the animals. This was the llamas.

Don't think I had seen a prairie dog before.

This was a zebra.
This was a Yak
 The next five are all Kodiak bears.

 This was a Kodiak bear in a pool of water, it was pretty hot the day we were here.

 This was a black bear.

 This was elk trying to block the road and slow down the cars so they would throw more wheat bread.
 These were deer.

The buffalo really liked the wheat bread.

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