Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 WSGS Conference Armchair Genealogy Day 1

Day one started at 0 dark 30 as we were about four hours south of Port Angeles at Ocean Shores, Washington, and I was to be at the WSGS Board meeting at 2 p.m. My sister Jacque and I headed out and soon we were on highway 101 in the tall trees of coastal Washington. This is Lake Quinalt on the way north.
Near Kalaloch we came upon a view point to see the Pacific Ocean.
I clicked this picture as we crossed the Hoh River. I was surprised I got a waterfall also.
Between Forks and Port Angeles is Lake Crescent and we drove alongside of this lake for several miles.
We stayed at Port Angeles Inn up 101 steps from First Street. We did not count them but did go down that way once.
We walked down to the Strait of Juan De Fuca and was watching the ferry to Victoria B.C. load. I looked across the street and there was a lady taking a picture of what looked like a warehouse, so we walked over and found this wall mural on the warehouse wall.
Up the street towards First we stopped and had lunch then kept walking. On another wall was this very long mural of Port Angeles in 1914, took two photos to get all of it. 
Then across the alley was this picture of the Kalakala ferry from Puget Sound. Today it sets in dis repair waiting for a restoration. As I was taking this picture Roger Newman the WSGS Secretary walked up and told us the history of the Kalakala.
So we walked up First to this sign on the street in front of the Elks Naval Lodge.
This is the back of the previous sign.
This is the Elks Lodge sign.
So we went inside and took the elevator to the third floor for registration, and they could not find my registration, but found Roger's and Jacque's, so they made up a new name tag for me. We walked into the ballroom and was looking around when Roberta Griset started calling my name. Seems I had been volunteered to help introduce two of the breakout speakers, and she had my registration, and nametag and a packet explaining what I was to do. I then went back and turned in the other nametag. Then I went to the WSGS Board meeting.
This is the conference Chair Virginia Majewski and WSGS President Sue Ericksen.
This was the SAR Flag Ceremony to start the conference.
Here are the two SAR gentleman that did the Flag Ceremony.


Miriam said...

Looks like you had a nice time, Charles.

Anonymous said...

Charles, you report so thoroughly with such good understandable pictures that I appreciate you making me think I was there!
Betty R.