Saturday, October 8, 2011

NeWGS 30th Anniversary

The 30th Anniversary of the founding of the North East Washington Genealogical Society was October 8, 2011. It was a nice sunny day and so I headed north on the new North Spokane Corridor, first time I have ever been on it. Arriving in Colville I stopped at the farmers market then headed for the Ambulance Shack near the north round about on 395. They started with a greeting from current president Karen Struve and then we headed for the cake and punch. They cut the cake in large pieces (not large enough as they had a lot left over) and we continued to talk to our fellow tablemates. Susan Dechant then did a power point presentation "Through the Years" on the history of NeWGS. Nancy Wright did a reading from the book the Last Bell (schools of Stevens County) and then we were to have a sing along, but time had run out by then, darn.

As the research person for EWGS I have interacted with a couple of people in the NeWGS on a regular basis, we try to help each other when the research moves to the area we each research in, so when I heard that the NeWGS was having a 30 year anniversary and that Susan Dechant was one of the founders of the NeWGS I decided I would go. Turned out another founder was Shirley Dodson the other person I regularly contact at Colville so I was thrilled that both Susan and Shirley and her husband Tom were honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards.

We at EWGS always complain that few people from the coast ever come to our meetings, and yet we do the same with other societies in our area.

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Miriam said...

NeWGS is one of my favorite sister societies. They are such a friendly, welcoming group; very serious about their research, and committed to making their society move forward into the 21st century.