Monday, February 14, 2011

What Did I Learn At RootsTech To Help EWGS?

I learned that there are now at least three genealogy "worlds." The first is the traditional genealogy world where folks occasionally visit libraries and attend meetings and now and then work on their genealogy. The online world is where folks actively do research both in libraries mortar-and-brick AND online and are comfortable with the many online resources. The technology genealogy world is where the really geeky genealogist uses some of the new toys as bonafide tools.

So who and how many live in these various worlds? Randy Seaver in his Genea-Musings blog (13 Feb) was explaining this. He surmises that 85-95% live in the traditional world; maybe 5-15% live in the online world; and barely 2% live in the technology world.

Nothing wrong at all in where YOU, dear EWGS reader, live. We are "genealogically born" into the traditional world. But if the statistics coming out of RootsTech are valid, folks everywhere are eagerly transitioning into the online little step at a time. And that's just great.

Just know this: that is where the future lies, where the most genealogy answers might/can be found, cheaper and quicker than ever before. Really, isn't that good news?

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