Monday, March 8, 2010

"Life During the Civil War" book

"Life During the Civil War" is an almost-brand-new book from the publishers of History Magazine (which also do Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, Discovering Family History). This 95-page book contains 27 chapters detailing all aspects of life during those turbulent Civil War times. Topics include: music, Zouaves, life in the army, sutler shops, army laudresses, rail travel, hotels, newspapers, medical treatment and typical food of both armies. For only $9.95, plus p/h, you can order this by calling toll tree 1-888-326-2476.

I've never enjoyed such a readable discussion of the simple every-day aspects of army did they fry hardtack? What was the average pay scale? How did families stay in touch with two countries and two systems of postal stamps? This book was a very good read!

AND, as a plus, there are pictures of clothing which might be useful for those of us participating in the "Dining with the Dead" activity in July. When you call, tell 'em Donna sends you.

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