Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ten-Spot for Technology?

Do You Have a Ten-Spot for Technology?

Do you think $10 could buy you a new, state of the art computer? Well, maybe not one for your home but it could potentially buy a lot of new computers, printers and software for the libraries. We’re looking for $10 from 2700 people in order to raise the $27,000 required in matching funds needed to take advantage of year two of the Gates Opportunity Online Technology Grant. The match this year is greater than it was last year. In year one we had to obtain just 30% in matching funds and that was achieved thanks to The Johnston-Fix Foundation, The Friends of Spokane Public Library, The Inland Northwest Community Foundation, Cathy and Charles Simon and The Spokane Public Library Foundation. Their generosity enabled us to access nearly $43,000 from the Gates Foundation resulting in an infusion of $57,200 into the library. This money was used to purchase new computers for all six branches replacing many of the outdated computers we were using.

We are now working on year two of the grant and have to raise a 50% match in order to qualify for $27,300 from the Gates Foundation. This is where we need your help. The Spokane Public Library Foundation is handling the fundraising for these matching funds and they have donation boxes in all of the library branches as well as at all Global Credit Union locations (thank you Global Credit Union!). We only have until March 1, 2010 to raise this match or we lose the Gates Foundation monies. Look for the "ten-spot for technology" donation boxes and please consider dropping in a 10-spot (or more) so that we can reach our goal and continue to upgrade the computers in our libraries. Imagine our success if everyone who came to our libraries kicked in $10 (over 85,000 visits to the libraries just in the month of July)!
Why is this so important? Computer usage at the libraries is growing like crazy. Approximately 600 people use the Internet computers every day and countless others use our word processing computers and wireless access. More and more customers depend on the library’s computers as their own computers age out or they cancel their Internet at home. The monies will also allow us to expand our computer education classes and create a mobile computer education lab that can be used at all of the branches. Libraries are an integral part of the information age and good computer access is key! Think about what just $10 can do"

For more information please call The Spokane Public Library Foundation at 444-5318. Donations in check form should be made out to The Spokane Public Library Foundation. They can be dropped off at any branch or mailed directly to the Foundation at 906 W. Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201.

EWGS uses these computers for the Internet Genealogy classes, so hopefully our members will help.

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