Thursday, May 22, 2008

How's the Health of Your Genealogy Society?

Elizabeth of the Little Bytes of Life blog writes about the demise of her local genealogical society in California, and asks "How's the health of your genealogical society?"

My opinion is that we're very fortunate here in the Inland Northwest to have a healthy, thriving society, and I hope that we can adapt to the way the face of genealogy is changing in order to continue on well into the future.

What do you think?


Charles said...

Miriam I am glad we have an active society, and it is sad so many societies are closing. I hope those societies that are in danger will find a way to attract more people to keep them active.


Donna said...

I've attended meetings and seminars from genealogical societies all over the Northwest and am proud and happy to say that EWGS is TOPS! And the reason? The members!! They are willing to step up and take part. Nobody has to do it all but when many do a bit, much gets done. Hooray for EWGS! Donna

Chery said...

Hi Miriam,

After reading Elizabeth's thought-provoking blog article and considering your questions, I have to say that I don't really know. The two societies I belong to are out-of-state, and I am frustrated by the lack of connection and the lack of ability to help other than to send money now and again. One society does a fine job of maintaining historic buildings and opening them to the public (but doesn't have much of a newsletter), and the other doesn't seem to do much of anything other than a newsletter. I tried to get involved in a society local to me, but the interest group of interest to ME chooses to meet Tuesday mornings when I have to be at work, and they do not seem interested in changing.